Who got the Rolex Vibe at the end?

Ever since Animal was released last night, the character ‘Rolex’ from Vikram is trending on social media. Suriya played the character in the movie. Similarly, Ranbir Kapoor too sported a get up that looked like Rolex in the movie, Animal.

In Animal, at the climax, Ranbir Kapoor slips into a ruthless character where he kills two people mercilessly. There’s a swag thar Ranbir oozes in the scene.

At the same time, during the climax of Vikram, Suriya too sports a getup where he sports his swag as a gangster.

Comparing the two characters, both Suriya and Ranbir showcased their own unique style but Suriya got it right. Since all of us saw film first, we liked it a lot. Also, Suriya didn’t go overboard while Ranbir has been showcased wildly.

Moreover, the impact left by Suriya’s Rolex is more when compared to that of Ranbir. Hence, it’s Suriya’s show all the way.