My involvement in any movie is only this much -Nani

How much are the chances of a hero like Nani being involved in his film regarding the final output of the film? In a recent interview with Gulte about Natural star Nani’s new movie ‘Hi Nanna,’ host Lokesh Bandi had some questions for Nani. When asked about the music in all of Nani’s movies, saying that even if a movie is a hit or a flop, at least two songs always get a great response from the audience, Nani has interesting stuff to reveal. 

Nani responded saying that his involvement in the movies is limited. He gives suggestions like, “For this type of movie, this composer would be great.” His advice is more from a general audience perspective rather than being intellectual. He doesn’t go beyond these suggestions. When it comes to music, the music composer sends him the songs after they are done, and he gives feedback like, “This part is nice; this could be better.” However, he clarified that he doesn’t sit with them and make them do it; he leaves that to the experts. “That’s my total involvement in the music or any other craft; but then my directors show me the output as they feel that I have a good call on the final out” he adds. 

‘Hi Nanna,’ songs ‘Samayama’ and ‘Ammaadi’ have garnered over 30 million views combined and have received positive vibes.