‘Pawan Kalyan, Dhammunte Bhimavaram ki raa’

In 2019, Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan lost a tough electoral battle to YCP’s Grandhi Srininvas in the Bhimavaram assembly constituency. Everyone is curious to know if Pawan Kalyan will still decide to contest from Bhimavaram again in 2024 and take revenge on Grandhi. Speaking about this topic, sitting YCP MLA Grandhi Srinivas has challenged Pawan Kalyan.

This is my open challenge to Pawan Kalyan, if he has the guts and zeal to defeat me, he should contest in Bhimavaram. But he appears to be too scared to contest against me and that is the reason why he is allying with TDP. Why is he so scared of me? But anyway, this is my message to him. ‘Pawan Kalyan, neeku dhammunte Bhimavaram ki raa’, Grandhi challenged Pawan in front of the media today.

Grandhi said if Pawan Kalyan doesn’t have the guts to take on him directly then he can come along with TDP, but if really wants to prove himself as a leader than he should come alone. The YCP sitting MLA challenged both Pawan Kalyan and Chandra Babu to contest against him in Bhimavaram and said he would easily defeat both of them.