Rajinikanth Tastes The Same Fate of Chiru!

Megastar Chiranjeevi scored his biggest flop last year in the form of Bholaa Shankar. The actor was in an opinion that the film would become a big hit as he pinned high hopes on the mass elements. But, it is a miscalculation by Chiranjeevi. The film’s flop resulted in him introspecting about his upcoming films. He decided to stop working on Kalyan Krishna’s film and do a film with Vashishta. Now, Superstar Rajinikanth tastes the same fate of Chiranjeevi.

Rajinikanth scored a big blockbuster in the form of Jailer. The film opened to big numbers and there were house fulls at least for two weeks. The movie did well in Telugu too. When it comes to Rajini’s new film Lal Salaam, the film is a clear cut washout in all areas.

Although it is just a day of the film hitting the screens, the verdict is out. Rajini’s screentime is very less but the critics and fans are sharing negative views on the film. According to them, the film lacked the emotional content and it was not at all executed well. Neither Rajinikanth was utilized properly nor the Superstar got any scope for performance.

On the top of all that, Rajinikanth’s Jailer mania could not be of any help for Lal Salaam either in Telugu or in Tamil. Lal Salaam is not performing well in the Telugu states as well.

Comparing both the scenarios, it is clear that the audiences want engaging content but not the mere presence of superstars or commercial mass elements. Let this be an eye opener to anyone who think that they can get off with template films.

Audiences and their preferences have been changing everyday and it’s time the stars and filmmakers realize it.