Used Steroids For Asthma, But Got Fatshamed -Viva Harsha

In the wave of many comedians turning to lead roles, now comes Viva Harsha, one of the sought-after comedians in Tollywood, testing his luck with “Sundaram Master”, which is hitting cinemas next Friday. On this eve, sat with him for an exclusive conversation, and the actor poured his heart out.

When’s Lokesh Bandi asked the actor, ‘You’re someone whose immediate dialogue brings up huge laughs, but what made you choose a role like Sundaram Master that would give an emotional roller-coaster ride to the audience?”, the response from Viva Harsha aka Harsha Chemudu is heart touching.

“I was an inferior guy during childhood because I got fat after using steroids for Asthma. People who used to come to our house, or people travelling along with us on the train, used to tell me, why don’t you diet and slim down? After reaching the Intermediate stage, I’ve decided to turn this inferiority into my weapon, and make people laugh with my acts”, says Harsha, explaining how he was fat-shamed during his childhood, and how it determined him to become an actor. “There is no more laughing at me, it is laughing with me”, he further adds.

Speaking further about the film he added: “Sundaram Master is not going to be a preachy movie, it will be a humorous movie laced with loads of emotion. But we are not also saying rocking science, but it will summarise our daily life and situations” says Harsha.

Directed by newcomer Kalyan Santosh, Sundaram Master has another YouTuber Divya Sripada as the female lead and hits the marquee on Feb 23rd.