‘Game Changer’ To ‘GOG’: Razole Beauty Rocks

Razole beauty, Telugu actress Anjali is poised to solidify her acting prowess with two upcoming films, each demanding a distinct transformation and promising to redefine her career trajectory. While she has proven her acting mettle many a times, she is yet to get some juicy offers, and it looks like these two movies will change her fate.

In the high-profile “Game Changer,” Anjali portrays the pivotal role of Ram Charan’s mother in flashback sequences, while Charan will also appear in the role of father. This significant opportunity allows her to showcase emotional depth and maternal strength. Directed by the renowned Shankar, the film undoubtedly guarantees wider recognition and acclaim for Anjali.

Coming to Vishwaksen’s “Gangs of Godavari,” Anjali steps into the challenging role of a prostitute. This gritty and emotionally resonant character stands in stark contrast to her previous portrayals, and it will be intriguing to see how she navigates the sensitive subject matter in this Krishna Chaitanya directorial.

Both in terms of character and cinematic scope, these two roles are like to push Anjali’s range to a new high, say insiders. Though she has some female-centric movies like Geethanjali Malli Vacchindi in her hand, which would give her break as the leading lady, these other biggies are equally important for her career.