Nabha, Darshi, Madhyalo Ritu!

Nabha Natesh who is making her comeback with Swayambhu and has signed a few other projects had a row with actor Priyadarshi on the internet. The actress shared a video featuring dialogues from Prabhas, fondly known as “darling”.

It sparked a dialogue exchange with Priyadarshi casually calling her darling. She even threatened sexual harassment under section 345A IPC. Social media users have different opinions about this dialogue exchange between Nabha and Darshi.

Meanwhile, Ritu Varma is dragged into the issue. The starlet shared the latest picture on her social media handle. Darshi referred to Ritu as Darling, and Nabha finds fault with this.

Is it a fight or a promotion? Priyadarshi and Nabha spark buzz in Ritu Varma’s comments.