Tollywood’s Creativity On Imaginary Places

In the famous Batman comics and movies that are made, we have this famous Gotham City, which has characteristics and reasons to remember. Similarly many Hollywood films created new cities, sci-fi and futuristic-looking ones as well as historic ones. The imaginary city named Kings Landing is something Game of Thrones fans cannot forget ever. And here is what Tollywood is doing.

From the likes of Anjanadri (HanuMan) to Bhairavakona (Ooru Peru Bhairavakona), to Chandraprastha (Saindhav), we’ve heard about many villages and cities in recent times, which are crafted as a new world for those respective movies. Similarly in some of the upcoming films, there are villages/cities like Kishkindapuri and Bhairavakonda coming up. The major thing missing in these cities is that, though the makers are promoting a lot about those new creations, somewhere the essence of those new creations is living up. None remembers what is the speciality of those cities a few months after the release of those films.

Except for Rajamouli’s Mahishmathi (Baahubali), none of those newly created cities by Telugu filmmakers are making an impact. Probably our filmmakers should work more on the artistic and characteristic side of those villages/cities such that their creations will be remembered forever.