WAR2: Hollywood Touch For NTR’s Fights

‘Global Star’ Jr. NTR is no stranger to delivering thrilling action sequences on screen. Throughout his career, he’s consistently impressed audiences with his agility, power, and dedication to fight choreography.

Films like Simhadri and Temper showcased his ability to dominate action scenes with raw intensity. In Jai Lava Kusa, his triple role demanded a diverse display of martial arts expertise, which he delivered flawlessly.

Now, with Hollywood action director Spiro Razatos joining the team for War 2, the anticipation for NTR’s action sequences reaches a fever pitch. Razatos’ experience in crafting captivating fight scenes in films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Fast X and other big Hollywood action films is sure to elevate NTR’s action persona to a whole new level.

Imagine NTR’s electrifying screen presence combined with Razatos’ expertise in creating visually stunning and meticulously choreographed fight sequences. Looks like the much-hyped sequence between NTR and Hrithik Roshan will be carved by this action choreographer.

This collaboration has the potential to be a game-changer for NTR’s action hero image, propelling him to international recognition and redefining action cinema in his Telugu ventures as well.