Premiere Talk: ‘Raju Yadav’ Targets ‘Baby’ Audience

The buzz around the upcoming film ‘Raju Yadav’ is only because of the film’s lead, Getup Sreenu, who is expecting to do something like that of his friend and colleague Sudigali Sudheer.

With the celebrity premiere show screened last night, a buzz is being heard about the film that it targeted a particular set of audiences.

According to insider talk, the film is modelled on a similar premise to the hit movie ‘Baby,’ where the protagonist is betrayed by the girl he loves.

The makers are hoping that this formula, which worked wonders for ‘Baby’ at the box office, will work its magic once again for ‘Raju Yadav.’

By tapping into the emotions and experiences of this audience, who are typically teens, who feel so much for the loss and betrayal of a girl whom they loved or dated, the makers of ‘Raju Yadav’ are hoping to do another ‘Baby’, they say.

The film’s release on May 24th will be a crucial test of whether this strategy pays off. Usually when films follow the pattern of a recent hit film, the A-centre audience gets bored, but we have to see how B&C centre folks receive it.

However, ‘Baby’ success should be attributed to its music as well, and Raju Yadav didn’t play any right notes in that aspect.