Sandeep Kishan gets best from A.R. Rahman

A new song from the latest Tamil film Raayan is making waves, thanks to the combined talents of performing star Dhanush and the legendary music composer A.R. Rahman. This song is a special collaboration that brings together some of the best in the Tamil film industry.

The film Raayan is unique because it not only features Dhanush as the lead actor but also has him directing the movie. This adds an extra layer of excitement to the project. At the same time, A.R. Rahman’s music is likely to bring beauty to the emotion. Guess what, the second single from the film ‘Water Packet’ was released today and it was shot by Sandeep Kishan and Aparna Balamurali. In recent times, Sandeep’s films are getting good songs but he isn’t getting noticed for them. However, with the ‘Water Packet’ song it looks like the chemistry of Sandeep and Aparna is getting mightily highlighted through a soulful melody.

Usually, young heroes should have lots of luck to get the best from AR Rahman and for Sandeep, surely luck shined on him through this song. However, if Sundeep’s role also shines, unlike the one he played in “Captain Miller ” alongside Dhanush, surely he would get another break through this multi-starrer movie.