No Comment On TDP – Jana Sena Moving Closer: Somu Veerraju

AP BJP chief refused to comment on the reports of Telugu Desam and Jana Sena moving closer to each other. Post the MPTC and ZPTC elections, leaders from TDP and JSP opined that both the parties should reunite and collectively defeat YSRCP.

On BJP contesting the Badvel by-poll and Jana Sena opting out, Veerraju said, “Jana Sena has its own policy and we have ours. We don’t have any major differences but we went ahead with our party policy. BJP is against dynasty politics and we have decided to contest the Badvel by-election.”

Veerraju also opened up about ‘Special Category Status.’ “It’s the then CM Chandrababu who said in the Assembly that ‘Special Status’ is not needed and accepted the ‘Special Package.’ There are videos of it and so our government in the Centre, did not sanction it. Moreover ‘Special Category Status’ is a closed chapter now,” added Veerraju.

When asked about Pawan Kalyan’s campaign, Veerraju added that as our partners, we would definitely invite him but it’s all up to Pawan. If he skips, we would be okay with it.

And on the 2024 general elections, the Andhra BJP chief stated that his party and Jana Sena would certainly contest in coalition and there is no second thought about it.