1M Followers: Janasena is king on twitter

Taking every other political party in Telugu states by shock, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena has set a record on Twitter by reaching 1 million followers. Though Janasena lost in 139 Assembly seats out of the contested 140 seats, the party has picked up its momentum over the last 6 months.

Especially during Corona Virus pandemic, the party’s leaders and supporters are aggressively helping the poor and needy thus sending positive signals to party’s sympathizers.

Pawan’s individual charisma where he enjoys 3.9 million Twitter followers and his posts on political issues seem to have helped Janasena Twitter account to cross 1 million mark. However, ruling YCP is just halfway through as it has 559K Twitter followers and TDP which claims to be active on social media is confined to 395.9K followers on Twitter.

TRS is above TDP but below YCP in the order. National political parties BJP and Congress are lagging behind on Twitter in Telugu states. However, many are also opining the authenticity of Twitter followers count as well.

Veering off to the 2019 election results, the numbers say different story. In 2019 general election, Janasena has got 17 lakh votes out of 140 Assembly seats and secured 5.53 voting percent. Whereas YSRCP got 1.56 crore-plus votes and secured 49.95 voting percent while TDP got 1.23 crore votes and got 39.17 voting percent.

Congress got 3.68 lakh votes with 1.17 voting percent and BJP in AP secured meager 2.6 lakh votes with 0.84 voting percent. Below is the list of Twitter followers of political parties in Telugu states.

Twitter followers of Telugu Political Parties (In Descending Order)

Janasena – 1 million (1000K)

YSRCP – 559K

TRS – 430K

TDP – 395.9K

BJP Telangana – 70.9K

BJP AP – 69.7K

INC Telangana – 59.9K

INC Andhra Pradesh – 21.3K