Hyderabad Will Be Renamed Bhagyanagar: Kishan Reddy

Telangana BJP President G Kishan Reddy pledged to change the name of Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar if BJP comes to power in Telangana.

Also, referring to the other city names like Mumbai. Kolkata and Chennai for their renamed status, he said, ‘Yes, if the BJP comes to power we will change the name of Hyderabad. I am asking who is Hyder? Do we need the name of Hyder? Where has Hyder come from? If BJP comes to power, definitely we will remove Hyder and change the name of Bhagyanagar.’

Kishan Reddy emphasized that the name of Madras has been changed to Chennai but by the DMK government and not by the BJP. He said, ‘We will completely change all those which reflect the slavish mentality if BJP comes to power.’

Recently, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during his election campaign in Telangana said that Hyderabad should be made ‘Bhagyanagar’ and Mahabubnagar should be renamed as Palamuru.