Central Committee to Investigate ‘Rushikonda’

One of the primary complaints from the TDP and Janasena, has been that the AP government has been destroying the Rushikonda mountain range in Vizag without restraint. The complaints gained credibility, especially with the Andhra Pradesh Govt commissioning the construction of a mega building estimated to cost Rs 450 crores at Rushikonda.

In a new development, it has been established that a central committee, led by the experienced statesman Gourappan, has been commissioned by the central government to assess the destruction at Rushikonda. The committee comprises five veterans, including a Coastal Resources Management representative.

The central committee is set to visit Rushikonda in two weeks to assess the situation and the extent of damage done to the mountain range. The center has instructed the committee to submit a detailed report on the Rushikonda situation within one month.

This development was confirmed by the central government’s legal counsel during the hearing of the case regarding the Rushikonda destruction at the Andhra Pradesh High Court. If the committee determines that the Jagan government did indeed harm the natural resources at Rushikonda, affirmative action against the concerned parties could be taken by the central government.