Hyderabad As Capital: YCP Still In Correction Mode

YSR Congress senior YV Subba Reddy casually commented that Hyderabad should be continued as the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and said he would fight for this even in the Rajya Sabha. Immediately after this statement from Subba Reddy, YCP fell into defense mode as the YCP government came under scrutiny for failing to develop the capital and still pushing to have Hyderabad as the joint capital, a decade after bifurcation.

Subba Reddy’s comment is still causing repercussions and Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy had to again clarify on the matter when the question was brought up by Telugu media personnel.

“I didn’t comprehend what context Subba Reddy had while saying Hyderabad should be the joint capital. The bare fact that is consolidated here is that Hyderabad as joint capital is a gone case. YCP government will develop Vizag as the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh. There is no plan to push to have Hyderabad as the capital” Sajjala affirmed in front the media again.

Political analysts comment that YCP was already under scrutiny for failing with the three capitals proposal and this got aggravated a lot more after Subba Reddy causally said Hyderabad should be the joint capital. First, Botsa Sathyanarayana had to come out in front of the public and disregard Subba Reddy’s comment. And again, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy had to carry forward the damage control act in front of the media by correcting the party’s stance on the capital.