Janasena Leader Sapatham To Defeat TDP Candidate!

The settlement of the internal disputes in the Telugu Desam and Janasena alliance isn’t yet sorted out as there are cases of distraught JSP leaders fuming on their high command for not getting MLA tickets due to seat sharing with TDP. This scenario is observed in the case of Jaggampeta JSP MLA ticket aspirant Patamsetti Suryachandra.

In the first list announced by the alliance, Jaggampeta MLA ticket went to TDP’s Jyothula Nehru and this anguished JSP aspirant Suryachandra and he has vented out in a strong manner.

The JSP leader spoke out about not getting the MLA ticket and vowed to take revenge on TDP’s Nehru. “I don’t care if I don’t get the ticket, but I will not let Jyothula Nehru win. Janasainiks fought hard for the party with multiple rounds of campaigns and I can’t let that go in vain with TDP walking away with the ticket. It isn’t about me getting the ticket. If Pawan Kalyan garu contests from here, I will make sure that he wins by 1 lakh votes majority.”

“Pawan Kalyan spandinchakapothe maa praanalu undavu” Suryachandra said with a pained tone as he threatened that extreme measures will be taken if Pawan Kalyan doesn’t come to sort out the situation.