Pawan’s ‘Alipiri’ Speech Gives Goosebumps To TDP Cadre

Janasena-TDP alliance appeared stronger than ever after today’s meeting. From Pawan Kalyan joining Balayya to wave hands at supporters of both parties to Pawan Kalyan’s aggressive speeches criticizing YSRCP, there were many highlights that left the TDP-Janasena cadres in a high moment.

Pawan Kalyan praised Chandrababu many a time for his 40 years of political experience and one topic from the speech gave pure goosebumps to the TDP fans. When Pawan Kalyan spoke about the bomb blast in Alipiri that was planned to assassinate Chandrababu, the lines he chose to say about Naidu were beyond the best elevation scene in any movie.

While saying that Chandrababu walked towards the purpose and caring for nothing else, right after such a traumatizing incident in which his car flew up 16 feet and fell down, Pawan Kalyan elevated the leader’s stubborn stand and selfless nature phenomenally.

The particular clip is going viral on social media and the TDP fans are extending their support like never before and are pledging to make Janasena candidates win in the respective constituencies.