Leader Changes, Cadre Complains!


Cadre is the basic building block for any party. The leaders on the top-rung might change but the cadre remains constant, supporting and assisting the leaders in all aspects.

Political parties would face existential threat if cadre is lost.

Highlighting this fact, the leaders of various political parties keep iterating that the cadre is their life and that they are the vital component of politics.

However, the ground reality is completely different. They are just neglected when it comes to real action and decision.

The recent incidents in a few villages abutting Nuzivid, Penamaluru and Tanuku reveal the importance being given to the cadre in politics by various political parties.

Muddaraboyina Venkateswara Rao, who led the TDP cadre in Nuzvid so far, has been sidelined by the party leadership. His supporters made it clear that they would not support the new leader to be appointed in his place.

In Penamaluru, the change in the leadership has shaken the party with the cadre refusing to stir out of their houses to support the changed leader. Minister Jogi Ramesh even threatened the cadre of dire consequences if they did not comply with the party boss’ decision but the cadre questioned why should they submit to somebody else’s decision. Why should we carry the flags of people you appoint without our consultation, they asked.

In Tanuku, the functionaries of the TDP and Jana Sena nearly clashed with each other.

In Vijayawada Central too, the newly appointed YCP in-charge and former minister Vellampalli Srinivas distributed gifts to the cadre to woo them.

However, there has not been much use due to the act.

“Till yesterday, we had to hail one person. We went door-to-door asking people to vote for that person. Now, you have changed this person. We do not know who would remain the leader by the time of elections. None of them is doing any good to us. Why should we carry their flags? In fact, we are being insulted by the people for changing our stance,” the cadre in a constituency in united Krishna district complained.