BRS Loses 2 MPs In 2 Days: What’s Up?

Earlier, BRS MP Venkatesh Netha opened the floodgates before the Lok Sabha elections as he quit the KCR party and joined Congress. A couple more MPs are following this suite now as BRS has lost two more MPs, and this time, to BJP.

Nagarkurnool MP Pothuganti Ramulu quit the BRS party yesterday and he joined BJP in the presence of Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar. He will retain the Nagarkurnool MP ticket on the behalf of BJP, according to the reports.

Today, Zaheerabad BRS MP BB Patil has left the BRS outfit and he too has taken the saffron path as he followed Pouthugant Ramulu’s path and joined BJP in Delhi. It is likely that he will also retain the Zaheerabad MP ticket on behalf of BRS.

After winning 9 MPs in the 2019 general election, BRS looked to be in a fairly good condition but the defeat in the 2023 assembly elections has weakened the party to an extent where sitting MLAs and MPs are looking at alternatives.

Both Congress and BJP are issuing warnings to BRS leadership and cadres by saying the KCR party will be nullified completely after the general elections which are to be held this April. In tune with this, BRS is unable to restrict the exodus of its public representatives.