After Chandramukhi, Jagan Goes After Arundhati

Those who are observing CM Jagan’s electoral campaign are amused by his anecdotes and the way in which he is using cinema references to satirically mock Chandrababu Naidu. Earlier, in his Siddham meetings, Jagan used to refer to Chandrababu as Chandramukhi and warned the AP public not to encourage him as he would drain their blood if he comes to power again.

After using the Chandramukhi anecdote on a couple of occasions, Jagan has brought in a new term to target Chandrababu. He has started to use another popular horror film ‘Arundhati’ now.

At a meeting, Jagan called Chandrababu “Pasupathi”(referring to Pasupathi from Arundhati) who is out of his coffin 5 years after the 2019 election and he is out on vengeance in 2024. Jagan said Chandrababu is out of his Samadhi and people must be cautious so as to not encourage and breathe life into him, if so, he would come back to haunt them as the CM.

The emerging trend is that Jagan is using popular horror film references to pass satires on Chandrababu Naidu. A CM using horror film implications to speak against the opposition leader hasn’t happened in the past and Jagan has started this unconventional trend now. Political references in films are common, but thanks to Jagan, film references are becoming in AP politics.