Sharmila Gets Emotional, Atthamma Says Stop Drama

YS Sharmila has become a tough nut to crack for the YSR Congress leadership. The AP Congress president is currently on her election campaign in Kadapa and she is repeatedly targeting Jagan Mohan Reddy and Avinash Reddy over the Vivekananda Reddy murder topic.

Speaking on this matter in her campaign last night, Sharmila got emotional as she requested Kadapa voters to adjudicate the Vivekananda Reddy murder topic. She emotionally pleaded with Kadapa voters not to support murderers and instead vote for her as she is fighting for the rightful verdict in the murder case. She brought out her saree Kongu(traditionally imparted in the Telugu community) and pleaded with the voters.

A day after Sharmila’s emotional request to voters, her Atthamma(Aunt) YS Vimalamma, who is the younger sister of YS Rajasekhar Reddy came out lashing. She said Sharmila and Sunitha have paired up with the real murderers of YS Vivekananda Reddy for their political gains and are making false allegations against Jagan. She asked Sharmila and Sunitha to stop these dramas and shut their mouth immediately as there are no takers for them in the YS family or amongst the common public.

Vimalamma said the arch rivals of the YS family have surrounded Sharmila and they are making her dance to her tune. She claimed that no one from the YS family intends to stand behind Sharmila and Sunitha henceforth.

While Sharmila got emotional on a burning topic, the immediate response from the YS family was to try and shut her down.