TDP Sore Over BJP’s Absence During Campaigning

The BJP cadre’s absence and lackadaisical attitude over participation in the electioneering has been hurting the TDP leaders in various constituencies. The Assembly elections of Andhra Pradesh and the general elections would be held at the same time and the BJP is contesting in both the elections.

However, the BJP is conspicuous by being absent at the ground-level abstaining from campaigning for both the elections. While the party had campaigned actively in neighbouring Telangana, the party cadre is dormant and non-chalant about the upcoming elections. Except for a couple of leaders like BJP Andhra Pradesh unit president D. Purandeswari, the party leaders are least bothered about their presence in the campaigning. The BJP leadership could be of the opinion that the TDP and Jana Sena would oversee the campaigning, as part of the tripartite alliance.

However, the TDP cadre is campaigning on behalf of the BJP candidates following the directives of their party boss N. Chandrababu Naidu.

The only solace in the alliance is the BJP and JSP have quite good understanding and the activists are co-operating with each other. Similarly, the TDP and Jana Sena cadre are also amicable to each other.

It is time that the BJP leadership plug the gaps and gear up their party cadre to work unitedly with both the TDP and JSP as the nomination process is also likely to begin very soon.