Are Heavy Garlands and Flower Petals Troubling Pawan Kalyan?


Running an election campaign demands the leader to be with the public 24/7 and work round the clock under extreme climatic conditions and physically challenging situations. If we look at the recent activity of Janasena boss, Pawan Kalyan, it is very clear that his underlying medical condition is not letting him work to the fullest. 

As per the media communication, Pawan Kalyan is suffering from a condition called recurrent influenza infection which puts him at the risk of falling ill every now and then. As revealed by JSP, Pawan is taking ill randomly every day and is going through discomfort.

The principal complaint is that the heavy garlands and flower petals that are showered at Pawan during the election campaign are detrimental to his underlying condition. But at the same time, it is tough to control the extremely excited fans who wish to shower their beloved hero-politician at their own capacity.

There is a talk that Pawan developed this medical condition after falling ill due to covid. His condition sensitized since then, say reports. 

But Pawan is determined to lead the election campaign of 21 of his candidates and also select other members of TDP and BJP as he is braving this condition that is keeping him prone to infections very frequently. He realizes that the stakes are very high this time and can’t let his physical issues get in the way.