Once Again Proved, Cadre Is The Strength Of TDP

For a political party to sustain in politics in an intensely contested state like Andhra Pradesh, the core cadre is of quintessential importance. On this front, the Telugu Desam cadre is a different breed altogether as the party boasts of one of the biggest and most hardworking cadres in Indian politics.

Right from the Sr NTR days, the TDP cadre has been efficiently taking the party forward. While NTR’s star charisma is one thing, the hard work of the cadre is an integral reason why NTR could become CM in just 9 months after floating the party. Ever since, the TDP cadre has endured a lot and still managed to keep the party relevant to this date.

With the 2024 election, it has again been proven that the cadre is the biggest strength of TDP, and here is why.

After a gut-wrenching defeat in 2019, when TDP was restricted to just 23 MLA seats, it was really hard for the cadre to stay positive. Owing to the surplus majority in the assembly, the YCP outfit was insanely dominant in AP and there are several cases of oppression on the TDP cadre in the state.

But time and again, the resilient cadres stood strong for the party and gave it all back in the 2024 election. Despite facing so many hardships due to the police force abuse and financial struggles, the TDP cadres firmly stood by the party and held the 2024 poll management in a strong manner.

After the kind of win in 2019, the YCP cadre should have been unstoppable and carried the poll management in a monopolistic manner, but TDP activists didn’t let that happen and fought fearlessly. It has been proven again that Naidu’s leadership and the cadre’s relentless efforts are the reason why TDP has been relevant for over 4 decades.

To put that into perspective, BRS is facing an existential crisis in Telangana after one single defeat in the 2023 election. If we compare that to TDP’s defeat in 2019, the party must have been wiped off by now but the only difference here is that TDP’s loyal cadre never deserted the party.

One thing that JSP and BJP, the allies of TDP must learn is that they too must be in a position to at least start building up such a cadre for themselves. This is the only way these parties can stay relevant and afloat through thick and thin.