TDP Social Media Hits A Sixer In The Last Ball

Andhra Pradesh polling is done and dusted. The public’s verdict has been locked and loaded in the EVMs and the only pending thing is the counting of votes. Now, let’s roll back to the time prior to the polling as we gauge the polling trends that can be regarded as the turning point of AP politics.

One of the primary narratives built by the Telugu Desam and the alliance as a whole is the ‘Land Titling Act’ introduced by the YCP government. Senior statesman, Chandrababu repeatedly said Jagan is trying to indirectly have the lands of the farmers and commoners on his name through this act. Naidu even announced he would abolish the program after he becomes the CM.

The fact that Jagan Mohan Reddy had his photo on the registration passbooks added to the narrative set by Chandrababu and the alliance leaders. The TDP social media wing also had multiple informative videos, posts, and opinions on this highly controversial issue. The TDP made a clear impact and influence among the rural vote bank with the aggressive campaign against the ‘Land Titling Act’.

The YCP government bagged a lot of negativity due to the extended narrative carried by the alliance. This is believed to have heavily influenced the polling trends as the land titling act is extensively relevant to the majority of the voters in AP. This could well be the game changer in favor of the TDP+ alliance.

The social media influencers carried the agenda that land titling act is extremely detrimental to the common folk which in turn put a lot of light on the issue and worked against Jagan government. This rigorous informative campaign by TDP social media wing is fondly being termed as a sixer hit into the stands in the last ball.