Jagan, PK Relation – From Hugging To Hating

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has completely disregarded Prashant Kishor, the man who led his poll campaign in 2019 and played a significant role in the humongous win. Jagan visited the I-PAC office today and remarked that Prashant Kishor is mere nothing and it is the I-PAC team that does all the hard work.

Jagan noted that the verdict in 2024 will be much more in favor of YCP than in 2019. He said the party would exceed the 151 MLA and 22 MPs tally.

The YSR Congress president further commented that all of India would be shocked by the result in 2024 as a resounding win for his party is confirmed. “Our win in 2024 will be beyond Prashant Kishor’s imagination.”

Jagan appeared to be so confident about I-PAC’s work that he confirmed that YSR Congress will work with the political agency even in the 2029 election. This is a tall claim with all the uncertainty on the 2024 election verdict.

From emotionally hugging Prashant Kishor after the 2019 election verdict to redundantly saying PK is merely nothing in 2024, the relationship between PK and Jagan has gone south drastically. As is known, PK has predicted a steep downfall of the YCP government as he recently remarked the party would fall from 151 MLA seats to 51 MLA seats or lower.