Which Firebrand Can Replace Revanth Reddy?

Telangana CM Revanth Reddy led the Congress party which had 5 MLA seats after the exodus post the 2018 election, to the ruling party of Telangana after taking charge as the TPCC president in 2021. Now that Revanth has taken charge as the CM and has held the post for 6 months, the search for the new PCC president is on as it is a common tradition in Congress to give the PCC post to someone else after the existing holder becomes the CM.

But the issue with the Telangana Congress is, that it doesn’t appear to have the leaders of Revanth Reddy caliber who can own the position and lead the party from the front. Revanth was absolutely rampant while holding the PCC president post as he breathed fire on BRS, waged a war with Telangana BJP leaders and fought his way to the CM chair.

Firebrand leader Jagga Reddy is said to be staking his claim at the PCC post as compensation for his recent loss in the assembly election.

Deputy CM Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka is also said to be interested in the PCC presidency post as he is citing the example of Karnataka Congress leader DK Siva Kumar who is the deputy CM of Karnataka and also the PCC president.

Madiga community leader Madhu Yashki is said to be using the community card to bag the PCC president post and this could well work in his favor in the final permutation. Addanki Dayakar and Anjan Kumar are also said to be in their efforts to land the post if possible.

While it is certain that Congress cannot find a PCC president who was as effective as Revanth Reddy, the hunt is on to determine the next caliber leader who can take up the post.