Suddenly, Vanga Geetha iterates she is Chiru’s fan!!

Kakinanda MP Vanga Geetha’s sudden mention of thespian Chiranjeevi in her recent interview led to speculation that she is getting ready to shift allegiance to Jana Sena headed by Chiru’s brother Pawan Kalyan. It is a known fact that Geetha is a big fan of Chiru but broaching the issue suddenly in a public interview, led to tongues wagging about her joining the Jana Sena.

Geetha is contesting as YCP MLA candidate against Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan from Pithapuram. There is buzz that she is likely to switch loyalties to Jana Sena and now, one can understand why she broached the issue of fandom to Chiru.

There had been speculation that Geetha would jump on to the bandwagon of the Jana Sena even before the polling, as she was thoroughly fearing defeat.

The buzz over shifting of loyalties is not confined to Geetha alone. There is talk that many YCP candidates and leaders would shift their allegiance to other parties after June 4 results.

Notwithstanding YCP boss and Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s assertion that his party would go beyond the 151 seats mark this time, the party leaders seem to be on tenterhooks.

This indicates that Jagan’s statements are not having weight at the ground-level as the situation is completely different from that being projected by YCP, in several constituencies.

The YCP leaders are hoping that their party should win this elections too, to decimate the opposition parties.

Meanwhile, the TDP-BJP-JSP alliance is exuding confidence that they would emerge victorious with more than 120 seats.

In case, the YCP does not come to power, it will not take much time for the party to become an empty balloon with leaders soon jumping to other parties.

It could be that Geetha is not hopeful of victory and hence, in a hurry to be on a safer side. Let us wait and watch till June 4 for fresh developments in the political parties.