‘Jr NTR Ki TDP Tho Sambandham Ledu’

Despite multiple reaffirmations from NTR Jr that he wishes to stay away from politics, the anti-TDP outfits always use the imaginary NTR-TDP rift in order to try and create splits internally in TDP.

One such attempt was made Kodali Nani recently, where he shared a file pic of himself with NTR to wish the latter on his birthday. The timing of this pic was such that it came right after the polling, which led to a talk that Nani is trying to destabilise the TDP group by sharing pics of NTR.

In a new twist in the tale, Buddha Venkanna, an outright TDP activist commented that NTR has nothing to do with TDP.

“NTR ki TDP tho sambandham ledu. He didn’t come here to campaign for the party in 2014, 19, and the 24 elections. In such case, how can he be associated with the party. Telugu Desam is run by Chandrababu Naidu garu and it will remain that way,” Buddha commented.

The common talk amongst political observers is that NTR-TDP track has lost its sheen and it virtually has no impact on AP politics as of now, so anti-TDP groups are better off exploring other topics instead of still hanging on to NTR.