Postal Ballots: TDP Not Taking Any Chances

For the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh, over 5 lakh postal ballot votes were filed in the election. According to the published stats, nearly 5.4 lakh postal ballot votes were polled in AP in the 2024 election. 

Such a massive turnout of postal ballots is being seen as a sign of a clear anti-incumbency wave in AP and the TDP+ alliance is confident that these votes are heavily polarized in their favor.

Usually, the postal ballots are counted physically by gazetted officers and a metal mesh is arranged in these counting stations to prevent any mishaps. But this year, the EC hasn’t mentioned the regulation mandating the presence of a metal mesh surrounding the postal ballot counting centers. 

Telugu Desam leaders were alert to the danger and reportedly wrote a letter to the EC, requesting to mandate the metal mesh surrounding the postal ballot counters.

This is to prevent any untoward incidents. There is the risk of counting getting halted if miscreants illicitly grab a few of these postal ballot votes and run away. In order to avoid this risk, TDP has written to the EC to mandate the presence of a metal mesh. TDP is not taking any chances with the postal ballots this year as the party believes these votes will be crucial for victory in many closely-fought segments.