Chandrababu Gives Soft Warning To YCP Leaders

Telugu Desam Party president Chandrababu Naidu is set to script history by becoming the first CM in the history of Telugu land to take charge as the CM for the fourth time. Grand preparations for the swearing-in ceremony in Amaravati have gotten underway already.

Today, a legislative meeting was held between the three parties in alliance, Telugu Desam, Janasena, and BJP. Speaking at the meeting, Chandrababu discussed what’s to come in AP in terms of public-friendly administration.

Naidu then delivered a soft warning of sorts to YSR Congress leaders as he said there will be consequences for irregularities. While Naidu assertively said there is no place for vendetta politics in the TDP+ alliance regime, he expectedly quoted that there is the need to reprimand defaulters so that they don’t cross the line in the future.

“If we leave defaulters without punishment, they will commit the same mistakes in the future. So, I am now announcing that there will be legal consequences for those who are involved in wrongdoings.”

Naidu’s statement on legal consequences is now being linked to the questionable sand policy, liquor policy, and countless other irregularities in the state over the last five years. Analysts are opining that Naidu has effectively warned the YCP leaders of consequences if they are involved in any such wrongdoings over the last five years while they were in power.