Naidu Learns From Jagan’s Big Mistake

One of the main complaints against the outgoing CM of AP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is his inaccessibility to the cadre and entirely to the common public.

In his five-year tenure, not once did Jagan set foot in the YCP head office in Tadepalli and hold a meeting with his party activists. He didn’t materialize the mass outreach program of “Racha Banda” either as he kept postponing it for five full years. 

On top of that, whenever Jagan Mohan Reddy used to step out, YCP-colored fabrics(Paradhalu) were firmly set in place. The opposition leaders were kept under house arrest for no real reason.

All these activities kept Jagan far away from reality and by the time he realized what was happening, his party fell from 151 MLA seats to 11 seats. 

It appears that Chandrababu Naidu who was put through a lot in the last five years has carefully taken notes from what went wrong in the case of Jagan. He is making alternative moves to avoid such situations in the future. 

Chandrababu, today, announced that he has ordered the police department not to stop the common public for the sake of his convoy. “It is okay if I am five minutes late, but don’t stop the public for my convoy. I, as a CM, and Pawan Kalyan, as a leader, are all just humans at the end of the day. We need to move hand in hand with the public.”

It was very clear that Chandrababu is intending to be a people-pleasing CM and be close to the public and cadres at all times. He even cited the example of Jagan’s downfall as a citation of what happens if a leader crosses his limits and takes the public for granted.