101 Journalists Died Of Covid-19; Telangana At Second With 17

The media is playing a crucial role in reporting India’s Covid-19 crisis. Like the healthcare workers, press persons are risking their lives reaching out to every corner of the country and showing the people the ground reality. However, the virus is not sparing them and from April 1st 2020 to April 28th 2021, 101 journalists have died of Covid-19.

More shockingly 52 journalists have passed away in the last four weeks while many across the country are infected and are getting treated at hospitals. On average, one Journalist died every day in April 2021 says the data of Research by ‘Rate The Debate.’ This data also claims that the deaths have been verified by the sources and the number could be more.

Uttar Pradesh accounts to a large share as many as 19 journalists from the state have succumbed to Covid-19. Surprisingly Telangana state stands second in the charts with 17 journalists dying of the virus. Next is Maharashtra with 13 journalists, Odisha is at fourth with nine journalists breathing their last. From Andhra Pradesh, around six journalists have died of Covid-19.

These shocking facts have made the journalist community urge the respective state governments to consider them as frontline workers and provide them vaccines prior to the common man.

Indeed journalists are doing a great job and hope the governments acknowledge their efforts and provide them vaccines at free of cost.