Scary Report On When Covid Will End

With the number of Covid cases on a steady decline in India, people have started drawing to conclusions that the much-feared Covid pandemic is all but over. But the latest expert reports are suggesting that pandemic is far from over.

“The forthcoming outbreaks and waves of Covid globally will close schools and offices. Almost every living human being on earth will either be vaccinated or infected by the virus,” experts who are analysing Covid global outbreak opine.

As the duration of the pandemic prolongs, vulnerable sections like newborns, and those who haven’t taken the vaccine will be prone to serious infections. There will also be cases of breakthrough infections amongst those who have already taken the vaccine.

“This is a coronavirus forest fire that will not stop until it finds all the human wood that it can burn,” a report from NDTV read.

What is more worrisome is that countries with high vaccination rates like the USA, UK, Russia, and others are reporting record number of Covid cases.

While vaccination remains to be the primary weapon in the battle against Covid, there is a chance that the new mutations of Covid might develop a mechanism that is completely resistant to the first generations of the Covid vaccines.

Continual vaccine top-ups and boost up doses might be needed to keep the general population immunised to the novel coronavirus.

Nations like Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Iran, might be witnessing their biggest Covid outbreaks ever as the highly transmissible delta variant is at large.

There is a general perception that the effect of the pandemic subsides with time but that isn’t necessarily the case with Covid pandemic.

There is no factual evidence to prove that the forthcoming waves and also the variants of the virus itself might not be as deadly as the preceding ones.

But the longer the pandemic stays, the higher the chance of more damaging variants of the virus to emerge.

When will the Covid pandemic end?

As things stand, the Covid pandemic will certainly not end in the next six months. The pandemic will end only if around 90-95% of the global population develop immunity to the virus. The key catalyst to achieve the same will remain to be vaccination.

The global vaccination tally stands at 5.66 billion(total vaccine doses administered). However, the percentage of vaccinated population in India is still hovering around 26%, which needs to improve quickly.

The pandemic will end at different times in different places across the globe, much like the way other pandemics have.