Take a look, High Nutrition food for Corona Patients in Telangana

The latest coronavirus fear is leaving people to learn and explore more foods which will help boost our immune system. Eating healthy and keeping a clean lifestyle might help us to survive the novel virus. Also, patients who are suffering from COVID-19 needs healthy and hygiene food more than anyone.

The Telangana Health Department released a few pictures of the nutritious food being served at Gandhi Hospital for COVID19 patients. The pictures show a plate of idli, bread, coffee, a mix of all dry fruits like almonds, cashew, dates, biscuits, a plate of white rice, dal, curry, egg, and a banana.

The patients are being treated as per their tastes. If they prefer non-veg, they are given chicken too. The health authorities, with the pictures, are assuring the people about the hygiene and nutritious food they are serving.

Earlier, rumours arose that hospitals are giving unhealthy and uniformly bad food. But these pictures are proving otherwise and one needs to recheck on the false information. This picture was released by the health department itself and it is of authentic information. The meals look quite healthy as we see there has been a lot of planning in order to inculcate proteins, good fats and carbs altogether.

They are making sure to feed as much vitamins and minerals as possible in this fragile situation. Dry fruits, fruits and eggs are a great source to boost the immune system and the meal plan is a big plus for the patients in Telangana.

The Covid-19 patients at Gandhi Hospital has unlimited access to mineral water on a daily basis. All the food have been neatly packed in plastic plates. Now, with Ramadan season, the hospital staff is providing a special menu for Sehri and Iftar, especially for Muslim patients.