Meet Maleesha, ‘Princess Of The Slum’

Maleesha Kharwa, a 14-year-old girl from Mumbai’s Dharavi Slum, has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the face of luxury beauty brand Forest Essentials’ new campaign called ‘The Yuvati Collection’. Maleesha’s journey began when she was discovered by Hollywood actor Robert Hoffman in 2020, who later created a Go Fund Me page to support her.

Maleesha’s story gained attention, and she has now become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. She has over 225k followers on Instagram and has been part of several national and international modeling gigs. Forest Essentials shared a picture of Maleesha entering their store, where her campaign photos were displayed, bringing her dreams to life. The post went viral, receiving over 4 lakh likes and 5 million views.

In an interview with Vogue India, Mira Kulkarni, the founder and chief managing director of Forest Essentials, expressed her support for Maleesha’s dreams and highlighted the importance of empowering young minds through their Yuvati collection. Despite her success, Maleesha remains focused on her education, stating that while she wants to be a model, education will always come first for her.

Maleesha’s achievements don’t stop there, as several media reports suggest that she has also secured two Hollywood projects. She recently appeared in a short film titled “Live Your Fairytale,” which featured the experiences of five slum children dining in a restaurant for the first time. Maleesha expressed her happiness and gratitude for the opportunities she has received, and she considers her current position a dream come true.

Maleesha’s inspiring story serves as a reminder that dreams can be pursued regardless of one’s background or circumstances. Forest Essentials’ campaign not only supports Maleesha but also contributes to Project Paathshala, an initiative aimed at empowering young minds. Through her success, Maleesha encourages others to believe in their dreams and reminds everyone that all dreams matter.