US: Indian Woman Arrested For Abusing A Child In Daycare

An Indian woman in the North Carolina state of USA has been arrested for allegedly abusing a child at a daycare center.

A Wake County woman is facing assault charges after a video showed her taping a 4-year-old boy’s mouth at a daycare. In another video, she was seen jerking him to the side by holding his arm.

Officers arrested Moni Kumari on Tuesday and charged her with assault on a child younger than 12 years old.

A mother from Cary who sends her son to Chesterbrook Academy said the incident happened on November 21. The mother revealed that the kid was in timeout and the woman put a tape on his mouth because he was humming.

The mother went to the school to see the classroom video herself and found Kumari putting tape on her son’s face and ripping it off, twice.

The Chesterbrook Academy removed Kumari from their school.