‘Midhi motham 1000 ayindhi’, Hyd City Police In Kumari Aunty’s Style

Hyderabad City Police is one of the best-handled social media accounts and also is highly responsive. The Twitter handle is also known for creating viral memes that match the topic. The Hyderabad City Police came up with another meme that is going viral now.

Posting a picture of a person who is driving a two-wheeler without a helmet and talking on a phone, The Twitter handle wrote, ‘Midhi motham 1000 ayindhi, user charges extra…#FollowTrafficRules #BeSafe #CellPhoneDriving’.

Needless to say, this line has come from ‘Kumari Aunty’ who runs a food center and turned famous with viral videos.

Hyderabad City Police’s Twitter handle has more than 500K followers. The handle mostly posts updates in the city, about safety and awareness among many other things.