Miraculous! Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Mid-Flight

In a rare event, a woman gave birth to a healthy baby mid-flight. In a recent commercial flight from Amman, Jordan to London Luton Airport, a medical emergency came up when a passenger went into active labor.

Within two hours of the flight’s takeoff, a London-based doctor Dr Hassan Khan was asked for assistance when the woman’s water had broken. Dr. Khan helped the woman in a successful delivery, which marked only the 75th documented birth on a commercial aircraft.

The flight was diverted to Brindisi Airport in Southern Italy where the 38-year-old woman and her newborn were taken to the hospital.

Dr Khan is an expert in neonatal resuscitation. The doctor asked the flight attendants for the equipment including an oxygen mask, a clamp for the umbilical cord, and a stethoscope none of which were available, He used just towels during the delivery.

‘People were saying it was miraculous. I only realised how significant it was after I had the chance to process it all,’ the doctor said.