Shocker: Gunshots Fired Outside Star Hero’s House

The residences of Indian film superstars often see a lot of fanfare as fans and followers pile up outside these houses with the hope of getting to see their favorite actor. One such popular destination for fans is Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s house in Bandra, Mumbai. 

But in a shocking piece of news, gunshots were fired outside Salman’s house in Bandra at around 5 AM today. It is reported that multiple miscreants fired up to 5 rounds in the air. 

The gunshot sounds outside Salman’s house petrified the residents and one of these bullets even hit the wall casing of the first floor of the building that Salman resides in. Mumbai Police are on the job of nabbing the miscreants involved with the incident. 

The preliminary understanding is that multiple miscreants used foreign pistols to fire the gunshots and immediately fled the area. The police suspect that this incident is perhaps to unsettle Salman, who had been on the hitlist of dreaded jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi.