For A Change! CBI Investigation On A CBI Investigation

Usually, we see the High Court or the CBI court calling for a CBI investigation on an irregularity or a scam. But for a change, in Bhopal, a CBI investigation has been commissioned on an already existing CBI investigative group for committing a scam.

Digging deep, the Madhya Pradesh High Court commissioned a CBI investigation on the allegations of irregularities and lack of basic amenities in the Nursing Colleges in the state. A batch of CBI officers were commissioned for the job and they got underway. 

But this is when things went haywire as the CBI officers colluded with the Nursing Colleges in the state and started giving fitment certificates in exchange for bribes. These CBI officers were charging Rs 2-10 lakh per certification from these colleges. Two of these colluding officers are direct CBI inspectors.

Shortly after, the CBI central wing got to know about the scheme of things and carried a CBI investigation on the existing group of CBI inspectors. The scam was unearthed quickly and 13 arrests were made in relation to the case. 

CBI has now set a new precedent by arresting their own CBI officers for committing a scam in a centrally commissioned CBI investigation.