Shahrukh’s Son To Reveal Truths On Amazon Prime?

Bollywood’s superstar Shahrukh Khan got irked big time in recent days after his son got arrested by Central Agencies in connection with procuring drugs. Though Aryan Khan was released on bail and with some agencies confirming that there is no proof of him involving in anything such, still the case is being investigated.

The latest news is that Aryan Khan is not making his debut as an actor first, but actually getting ready to debut as a writer for the popular streaming service Amazon Prime Video. Many are wondering if he is writing a web series for Amazon after getting trained as an actor in London for years.

Reports are however coming out that actually, Aryan is now helping Prime Video make a documentary on the night he was arrested and the total drama that followed.

That would be too earlier to make such a documentary as the case happens to be in judicial limits now. However, Aryan might be giving inputs to a show that was loosely based on the incidents that happened to him, from getting caught and kept in jail without any access to his star father for months. On the other hand, there are also reports that Aryan is coming up with a new series altogether.