Krish Challenges Reddy, And All Pawan Kalyan Fans

Krish Pawan kalyan

Director Krish is known for his intellect, though he gets carried away with his creative thoughts sometimes and makes dumb movies. Most of his movies have philosophy laced stories and thought-provoking dialogues only. And here comes the way this talented filmmaker gave two challenges other day.

Actually, director Krish got challenged by composer Keeravani for the #BeTheRealMan challenge, and the director has done it quite well. He seems to be a good cook as he prepared some lovely snacks for his mother. And then, Krish has stunned everyone as he didn’t nominate any celebrity for the challenge but called all the Pawan Kalyan fans to do the challenge and share the videos. Now that he is doing a movie with PK, surely this works.

Before posting up this challenge, actually Krish invented a new challenge as he shared the picture of the vast library of books he’s having at home. After sharing the library room pictures, which Krish likes to call Prayer Room pics, the director prescribed two books for Arjun Reddy director Sandeep Vanga to read. This is a sort of new challenge.

Reacting on this, Sandeep stated that he never read books, not even screenplay books while doing filmmaking course, and clarified to Krish that he will start reading now. Maybe Krish should have given this challenge to Pawan Kalyan. That would have yielded terrific results.