Bollywood Actor In Mahesh’s Paata?

Post announcing ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata,’ there is not even a single update from the team. But it was the effervescent beauty Keerthy Suresh who broke the ice that she is playing the female lead role in the movie and after this, it’s a dot.

A rumour is now making rounds that director Parasuram has approached a Bollywood actor for the film and he is Anil Kapoor. This is something exciting as a noted Bollywood actor coming into the picture is totally over the top.

This rumour further adds that Anil is likely to play a negative role. Parasuram held talks with Anil and gave the character narration too. Convinced by this, Anil have his formal nod. By roping other industry actors, Parasuram is in thoughts to make ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’ in multiple languages simultaneously.

In the end, a source is needed to acknowledge whether Anil is really going to star in the film. In 1980, Anil debuted in Telugu with ‘Vamsa Vruksham’ film and it’s four decades now.