Bigg Boss Girl Getting Party Offers In Hyd


She has shot to huge fame with the superhit Telugu reality show #BiggBoss and often surprises the social media folks with her lifestyle choices. Her ravishing pictures and stunning acts always get criticised too but she has a huge fanbase due to that. And here is another aspect that we are hearing is that she is becoming this much-needed and invited guest at many night parties now.

As she happens to be a huge party animal, many rich and happening night party hosts are making sure to invite her to every party. Not only that, she is getting picked up in luxury cars and is being showered with some costly gifts and company as she attends these parties. No other hottie from Bigg Boss has such attention from the film and social circles, but this lady is making sure to turn all the heads.

However, those who see her lifestyle are wondering where she gets all this affordability from, but frankly speaking, these parties are enough to do the needful. But then, it would be great if she gets film offers as well for all the craze she had, though she is not a heroine material though a spicy looking girl.