Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 Remuneration, A New Record?

Due to the pan-India reach and success of movies, the remuneration of Telugu star heroes for upcoming projects has reached sky-high levels, causing a sensation. With some stars said to be demanding a share of the profits, surely their paycheck is touching records. Here is an interesting discussion going on about Icon Star Allu Arjun in Film Nagar right now.

Reports are doing rounds that for the upcoming “Pushpa 2, which is being directed by Sukumar, a business agreement has been reportedly made with the iconic star, where a whopping 33% share of the total revenue generated from all the pre-sales including theatrical, OTT, satellite, dubbing and audio rights will be allocated to the actor. Looking at the business prospects, analysts opine that Pushpa 2 might rake up ₹1000 crores easily from the sales, and in that case, ₹330+ crores will be going into the pockets of Allu Arjun. Well, wait, does that sound like a new record?

Comparisons could be drawn with Superstar Rajinikanth, who is currently rumoured to be charging ₹210 crores for his latest film. Even in Hindi or pan-India, we have the likes of Prabhas, Salman Khan and Shahrukh charging something around ₹150-200 crores as their paycheck if it is an outside production. Looks like Allu Arjun has beaten Rajnikanth and other big superstars through this lucrative deal, making himself the highest-paid actor in the country.