Ranbir, You Have To Move To Hyd In One Year: Malla Reddy

Telangana Minister Malla Reddy’s speeches are famous at movie-related events. Last night at the event of Animal Prerelease event that was organized at Malla Reddy University, Malla Reddy delivered a speech yet again that is worth viral.

Malla Reddy in his usual high-pitched tone said confidently to Ranbir Kapoor that in the next five years, Telugu people will be ruling the whole Bollywood and Hollywood. Malla Reddy brought laughs from Ranbir and Mahesh Babu as he asked the Bollywood actor to shift to Hyderabad in next one year because Mumbai is old and Bengaluru has become a traffic jam. ‘Hindustan mein Ek hi city Hai, Woh hai Hyderabad’, said Malla Reddy.

Stating that Telugu people are smart, Malla Reddy mentions the names Rajamouli, Dil Raju, and the new director Sandeep. Malla Reddy’s speech garnered huge screams and shouts from the students when he mentioned Rashmika’s performance in Pushpa, though he got her name wrong.

While the Minister’s talks are to be taken in a lighter vein, some Bollywood fans of Ranbir Kapoor and Hindi audience are hitting back at it on social media and calling it as an insult. It looks like the Minister aiming his words at Ranbir has not gone well with them.