Pics: Jonita Gandhi’s Beach Vacay In Goa

Sensational singer Jonita Gandhi made a special place for herself among fans and music lovers. The girl is now one of the most wanted singers and she also rocks the stage with her music tours all over.

From Jimikki Ponnu to What Jhumla, Arabic Kuthu to Current Laga Re, Jonita Gandhi sang many super hit songs. Jonita is also a fashion lover and there are many fans for her looks as well. In a short getaway from the concerts and songs, Jonita flew off to Goa with her bestie Proya Banerjee and Richa.

Jonita posted pictures of herself and her friends chilling out on beach shores in Goa. The girl slipped into a radiant pink bikini and oversized sunshades. Jonita always flaunts her stunning fashion sense and she does it again.