Dileep Sunkara Steps In For Shanmukh!

The arrest of popular YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswanth turned sensational. The earlier reports suggest that Shanmukh was taken into custody in a drug case when police went to his residence to arrest his brother Sampath Vinay in a cheating case filed by a woman.

Lawyer – Janasena supporter Dileep Sunkara stepped in as Shanmukh’s lawyer and spoke to the media today about Shanmukh’s case. Dileep says according to the eyewitnesses and Shanmukh’s father, Sahnmukh has no link with the said allegations.

‘Police have taken into custody only to question him further because he did not cooperate with police when he was asked about his brother’s whereabouts. The other allegations that are surfacing in media are yet to be investigated,’ clarified Dileep Sunkara.

Dileep Sunkara has been vocal about politics in Andhra Pradesh and has been a strong supporter of Janasena. Kalyan Dileep Sunkara revealed that he is looking into the case and claimed to be the lawyer of Shanmukh Jaswanth in the case. Dileep Sunkara claims to be having all the proofs about Shanmukh’s whereabouts.

Speaking about complaint on Sampath Vinay, Dileep Sunkara says that they were in relationship since 2016 and they broke up. Dileep further says that the girl filed a case but the parents have not come into the picture yet.

Dileep Sunkara has been the legal advisor for Shanmukh’s company and Dileep reportedly has known Shanmukh for the last four years.